ABBA Merry Christmas! (Or, 2018’s Nativity Outfit)

Whatever happened to school nativities? When I was a kid there was this huge box of nativity outfits that would get pulled out of the staff room and used every year without fail. If the costume fit, the part was yours. Not me of course. I was always the bloody narrator. Never once did I get to go into the staff room and get bedecked with tinsel or a tea towel. I digress… my point is that schools never seem to own any nativity costumes any more.


Gimme Gimme Gimme An ABBA Nativity…


ABBA Merry Christmas!


Phoebe’s nativity this year was ABBA-based. So, no Little Donkey or Away In A Manager, but instead parodies of ABBA hits like Gimme Gimme Gimme and Mama Mia. It was really good fun and all of the children (and staff) had worked so hard to put it together. Despite my initial reservations about a lack of tradition, they did stick to the story of the first Christmas and didn’t make it too silly. Not being religious, I’m aware that I’m being a hypocrite. I’m fine with that.


As school seem to do a different nativity play each year, we parents get tasked with providing the outfits. Although it’s one more thing on my to do list, I actually don’t mind. It’s nice to make stuff like this that the girls will remember when they’re older.


You’re Going To Be A What?!


Phoebe’s part in the nativity this year is that of a sheep. A guitar-playing sheep. A guitar-playing sheep wearing ABBA-inspired clothes.


Much like the scene in Love Actually where the need for a lobster is questioned, I asked Phoebe if she thought there were guitar-playing sheep there when Jesus was born. She assured me that there were and I’d skipped that page of the Bible. Fair enough.


The letter came home a few weeks ago requesting that Phoebe wear a white top and white shorts and tights with optional sparkles. I immediately dug out her gold sequin shorts which, to me at least, scream 70s disco. I bought her some white tights with gold stars on and so the only thing I needed to make was a top.


Super festive gold sequin disco shorts!


Ruffles Everywhere!


Ruffles. That’s the first thing that sprang to mind. Shiny. That’s the second thing.


Luckily for Phoebe (or not?) I had some shiny white satin that I bought it to practise a bit of wedding sewing. So I decided to make her a loose fitting long sleeved top with some ruffles on the sleeves.


I was going to draft something and just wing it, but remembered that Simplicity 1144 has a top pattern. So I saved myself the hassle and just lengthened the sleeves on the pattern.


To make the ruffles I just cut out long thin strip of fabric, hemmed one long edge and gathered the other. Then sewed the strip on, right sides together, folded it the right way and them sewed across to hide the raw edge. I’d originally cut out three ruffles for each side, but only used two in the end. Three would have looked better but my hands were really hurting (tendonitis) so I saved myself a bit of time and pain!


ABBA Merry Christmas!


Phoebe was suitably impressed, thank goodness. I think that this top could probably pass for party wear after the nativity too. If not, it’ll go into their dressing up drawer.


ABBA Merry Christmas!


Not bad eh?! The nativity really was great and so many of the kids had amazing outfits. The teachers were all dressed up too! Not sure how they’ll top that next year.


St James (Mere Green) looking festive.


I also got my dose of festive tradition too as Eleanor’s class were taking part in a service at the church. I do love a bit of We Three Kings…



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