A Super Easy Baby Blanket

Knit a super easy baby blanket

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my recent knitting project already. No apologies for repetition though because I love it! One of my youngest cousins is having her first baby and I wanted to knit her something for the baby. I wanted it to be something simple (because I’m very much a beginner) and also something useful. See my last post for the other gift I made.

I know that if our Grandma were still here, she’d have loved knitting things for her great-grandchildren, so that was partly a reason for knitting rather than buying a gift too. Sadly, I realised that no relatives had knit anything for my two, despite frequent, not-so-subtle hinting from me.

I came across the Super Easy Baby Blanket by Purl Soho and immediately loved it, particularly in this colourway; it’s just so bright and cheerful. I ordered Drop Paris cotton yarn from Wool Warehouse in the closest colours, choosing cotton yarn as it’ll be easy to care for and it’s also super soft and cosy.

See what I knit with this beautiful yarn combination!

My yarn was a different weight to the yarn that the pattern was written for, so I made allowances for that and cast on 100 stitches instead.

Keeping tension consistent is important

I was a bit concerned that I’d make a mess of starting a new colour, but actually it was easier than I thought and I made sure to leave enough yarn to weave in securely after I’d finished.

The joins between each colour are not perfect at all, but I’m still happy with it.

Gorgeous colour combination
No surprise, but I love this grey yarn 🖤

Those colours! 😍

I love how these colours look together, like a beautiful sunset. I think this is wonderful colourway for a baby and it would definitely add a pop of colour to a nursery.

All. The. Heart. Eyes.


Yep. I took a lot of photos. I was almost sad to post this to be honest because I was so pleased with it. Of course, Eleanor and Phoebe were very interested and have both asked for one each. I think that making them both a larger one might be a nice idea for a Christmas present; they may not have any knitted heirlooms from anyone else, but I can certainly rectify that!

A cotton yarn baby blanket


I really hope that my cousin and her husband love this blanket as much as I do and I can’t wait to see a photo of my new baby cousin all wrapped up in it!


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