A Quick Catch Up

It's been a busy couple of weeks, so I'm going to do a pretty photo-heavy catch up kind of post.

I apologise in advance if the photos are the wrong way up on whatever device you're using. I take my photos on my iPhone, and since my last update it refuses to play nicely and I can't seem to wipe the EXIF data when editing pictures. Ugh. I've spent over an hour trying to fix these but to no avail.

I was invited along to the Etsy Captains Summit in Cambridge last weekend as I'm a team leader. I'd never been to Cambridge before and, from what I saw of it briefly, it looks beautiful and I definitely think a family weekend away will be on the cards.

Generally though, it was a hard weekend for me. I've never spent a night away from my girls before (they're 4 and 2) and I didn't cope very well with separation anxiety at all. Thankfully they had a great weekend with Andy though. Anyway, here are a few photos I took throughout the weekend. Apologies if you've seen them on Instagram.

Guys, I have totally lost my fabric-buying mojo. I'm sad. First there was the trip to Goldhawk Road where I think I became the first sewist ever to not buy a thing and then this weekend the same thing happened at Sewing for Pleasure.


I went on Saturday which I think is my first mistake. It gets so busy. And people are so rude! I had one lady try to sidle in front of me whilst queueing to book a workshop and then she loudly challenged me on the fact that she thought I should be behind her. I cannot stand people like that; manners cost nothing people! Weirdly she was writing in a notebook the entire time, and as I was wearing a name badge (press pass) I'm expecting her to turn up here with some rude comment.

Anyway, so yeah, busy and full of rude people. But as far as shopping goes I should have had a great day, but all I ended up buying were some sashiko coaster kits (I've been wanting to try out sashiko for months now) and a pink pokey thing. It's too dark for a photo right now, so look out for that on Instagram! I had a list of fabrics I wanted, like quilted jersey, but I didn't see any. Combination of how busy it was and going a couple of days into the show I reckon. Next time I'm going on opening day.

Back to that workshop though; I actually wanted to do a free motion embroidery one but the spots had all gone (but not to queue-pushing lady so it's all good) so I hopped onto a metallic thread one instead. It was good fun and the results are super pretty. It's funny how I did nothing new, but I'd never buy metallic thread and just mess with pretty stitches on my machine. Well I will now! I guess I don't experiment with things as much as I should/could because it's almost a waste of resources. Just me?

Although some shiny new fabric would have been awesome, I have a plan for my sewing over the next few weeks anyway. I have two dresses each for my girls to do and a coat for Eleanor if I have enough fabric left from my jacket. I also want to repurpose one of my handmade skirts and sew my fourth Cambie dress. I'll blog about the third one later on.

And lastly, I have major sadness over the direction Instagram is moving in. I'm absolutely not jumping ship, but I have resurrected my Ello account which has been lying dormant for 16 months, or even longer. I'm going to have a play around with it and see how easy it is to find awesome stuff on there. Come and say "ello" (haha, I know) if you're over there too. I'm off to watch Chuck now - I love that show. Nice to catch up with you!


Thank you to ICHF Events for kindly providing me with entry to Sewing for Pleasure.

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