A New Sewing Machine!

A Juki for Christmas!

So, my Christmas present arrived on Friday…


I got just a little bit excited. There may have been some jumping about 🙂 Ok, a fair bit of jumping about. I’ve been thinking of saving up for a new sewing machine for a couple of months now and I recently asked a few sewing friends which brands/models they’d recommend. Out of all of them, this Juki (it’s a HZL-F370) seemed to really fit the bill for me. I swear I will have this machine forever.

Lots of Features

It does/has so many cool things! Some of my favourites so far are:

  • A stop/start button to use instead of the pedal. I haven’t even plugged the pedal in yet, I quite like the novelty of using this;
  • A hard cover that also houses the pedal and power supply;
  • Speed control, which is super useful when using the button instead of the pedal;
  • An automatic thread cutter which you can press a button for, or tilt your foot back on the pedal;
  • I can drop the feed dogs, hurrah, and have a go at freehand embroidery;
  • It’s super quiet too, although that may be because it weighs about the same as Phoebe!

It has a load of different stitches, which of course I tried out straight away. Andy said that must be the sewing equivalent of checking out all the ringtones on a new mobile.

Decorative Stitches Galore!

 New stitches

As well as lots of pretty stitches, like leaves ( I mean who doesn’t want to stitch autumn leaves on everything? Or snowflakes? Or stars?!) it also has three different alphabets and 15 buttonholes. I’m not even entirely sure what makes each on different, but there they are. My only gripe with my old machine is that is wouldn’t sew buttonholes very well at all, but the Juki is awesome at this. I’m finally going to be able to make things with buttons on!

But yeah, as for the decorative stitches and fonts, I’m going to try to use them to pretty up the insides of everything I sew for myself or the girls. I saw something on Pinterest once about a lady who sewed her wedding vows on the inside hem of her dress and I kind of like the idea of hidden details like that so I’m going to play around with it a bit.

I’ve been pretty spoilt this Christmas (and birthday), thank you Andy! I’m still playing around with everything, so excuse the over-excited blog post. I will write a little review of it soon though.


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