60s Inspired Coco Dress

At some point in December I finally started watching Mad Men. It’s been in my Netflix queue for an age and amazingly, I’ve managed to avoid any spoilers. Honestly, the first season bored me rigid but I kept watching it because of the amazing costumes. Now I’m on season six and totally hooked…

The Coco Dress

I think the 60s influence has seeped into my sewing a little. I couldn’t get the idea of a funnel neck Coco dress out of my head. Coco is Tilly and the Buttons’ first printed pattern and I bought it when it was released in 2014. I know a lot of people went crazy for this pattern and probably have one for every day of the week. After I’d made one I just wasn’t that keen. I could have sworn that I blogged about it but I can’t find it anywhere. It was a plain grey dress version and I screen-printed my robot design on the left side of it. This is a dress I made for Phoebe, but you get the idea:

Handmade dress screenprinted with an original design by Little Squish

Anyway, I wore it a few times and felt quite frumpy in it. I don’t think the sweatshirt fabric I’d used (with very little stretch) really helped. I put the pattern aside and forgot about it.

The Fabric

What would you make from this fabric? #sewcialists

It’s well documented that sewing people are the best. It least it is by other sewists! At SewBrum in 2016 my friend Alex bought me a floral quilted jersey fabric to cheer me up. Originally I wanted to make a sweatshirt with it, then I wanted to make a bomber jacket and then because of indecisiveness I put it away. After binge-watching a lot of Mad Men, I started thinking that actually, this fabric and the Coco pattern would be a match made in heaven. I was a bit worried it could be less Joan sashaying around the office and more Betty hanging around in a housecoat after her weight gain though…

The Sewing

Coco must be about the easiest pattern ever to sew, explaining its continuing popularity. It certainly isn’t those patch pockets, sorry Tilly! It took no time at all to cut out or sew. I was quite pleased that I managed to get it all done within a couple of hours while the girls were playing with their new LEGO. According to my scrawls on the pattern, I sewed a size 5 the first time. Considering I wasn’t thrilled with the fit and that this fabric also isn’t massively stretchy, I went with a size 6. I went with the funnel neck, as that was my entire reason for sewing it, and also with the three quarter sleeves because that’s always my preferred option.

Favourite detail of my new Coco Dress! #sewingcoco

Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress #sewingcoco

The Result

Watching too much Mad Men may be inspiring my sewing choices!

I actually love it. The fabric is awesome anyway. The navy blue and lots of splashes of bright colour remind me of something from Joules. Going with a size 6 was a good decision although it’s a little tighter across the bust than I’d like. Apologies for the lack of photos of me actually wearing it. It’s so dark here for taking photos!

My favourite Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress yet!

I’m very happy to have used this fabric from a friend for something I will wear over and over. I wore it for a birthday meal last Friday and I’ll wear it for my birthday meal next month. It’ll go pretty well with my pink high heels, don’t you think?

My perfect Tilly and the Button Coco Dress #sewingcoco

I’m really glad to have rediscovered this pattern despite thinking I’d never sew it again. I’m going to focus on some more capsule wardrobe items for a while now, but I’ll revisit this again in the future. It’s definitely worth the minimal effort it takes for something quite cosy and comfortable!


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