50 Things That Were Awesome About 2018

As always happens, we’re at the end of another year and I’m kinda left wondering where the hell it went. You too? Thought so. I can’t let the end of the year pass without some kind of blog mention, but I warn you, this post is more for my benefit than yours…


50 Awesome Things 2018


Goodbye 2018…

It’s really easy to forget all of the good things that have happened during the year, or all of your achievements. Life just moves too quickly sometimes. I do think it’s important to focus on a bit of positivity from time to time though, so I’ve written a list of 50 things that were awesome about 2018.
It’s worth sitting down for a bit and having a go at this yourself. Not only will you remember how much you got out of the past 12 months, it’ll more than likely help you to focus on what you want out of the next. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of list-writing at the beginning of a new year? So, drum roll please….
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  1. Got engaged to Andy.
  2. Arranged almost all of our wedding within four weeks.
  3. Celebrated our nine year anniversary.
  4. Sewn 15 things.
  5. Written 35 blog posts for Thimble End.
  6. Completed several collaborations, including one with Greenpeace.
  7. Read 52 books.
  8. Joined a book club.
  9. Done lots of yoga.
  10. Started the Miracle Morning routine.
  11. Completed a mindfulness course.
  12. Survived 12 weeks with a personal trainer.
  13. Said no to things I don’t want to do.
  14. Taken the girls on lots of days out.
  15. Repaired relationship with my family as best I can.
  16. Stepped away from negative people.
  17. Made more time for close friends.
  18. Celebrated a year of veganism.
  19. Created a good work/life balance.
  20. Invited to be on Central News talking about sustainable Christmas.
  21. Asked to take part in a sustainable fashion event at Durham University.
  22. Invited to be on a panel for sustainable fashion at a clothes swap event.
  23. Spent plenty of quality time with Andy.
  24. Made new friends.
  25. Told that my writing is funny and interesting.
  26. Told that my writing is good enough to write copy for others.
  27. Maintained a positive outlook throughout the year.
  28. Started an after school routine with the girls which means we get some quality time every day.
  29. Went to Comic Con for the first time.
  30. Got the girls interested in Star Wars – finally!
  31. Started to read Harry Potter with the girls (and watch the films).
  32. Taken to the time to listen to anything the girls need to tell me.
  33. Started the school transfer process so that Eleanor will be happier.
  34. Took the plunge and re-branded our business.
  35. Started again with all of our business social media.
  36. Confidently represented our business at networking events
  37. Become an ambassador for my networking group.
  38. Had the confidence to be more “me” on our business social media.
  39. Wrote and delivered a talk about our business.
  40. Brought in some new clients for our business.
  41. Invested in my personal development without feeling guilty.
  42. Started to draft two books; one about endometriosis.
  43. Put my health first when needed.
  44. Still doing karate, which is the longest I’ve ever taken a class.
  45. Had our first ever night without our daughters.
  46. Had some input on my Dad’s healthcare which has made life more comfortable for him.
  47. Sorted out my personal finances.
  48. Trip away with our karate club to Devon.
  49. Got to spend more time with my stepdaughter.
  50. Bought a second car, so no more two mile round trips to school.


I’m sure that if I’d flicked back through my diary, I’d have come up with way more things that were good. That’s not a bad list though, even if it is a bit self-indulgent for the blog. But hey, it’s my blog.


Hello 2019!


50 Awesome Things 2018


So here’s to 2019. We’ve certainly got plenty to look forward in the Maus house: a wedding, moving house, our annual karate trip to Devon, our first holiday to Center Parcs… it’s going to be a year full of wonderful memories.



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