Simplicity 1325 Dress Hack

Recently, I bought Simplicity 1325 basically because I want the exact outfit on the pattern envelope (and how often does that happen?!) and it definitely fits into my current “more cake, less frosting” outlook on sewing. More basics needed! A few long sleeved knit tees would be a also be a good addition to my wardrobe, as I’ve got lots of skirts but not much to wear with them.

Simplicity 1325

So, have I made the Simplicity 1325 outfit? No. Not yet. I can’t decide what kind of fabric to make the dress from, but I will come back to it. I decided on making the long sleeved top as it looked simple enough. I bought some lovely soft blue and white striped jersey in a recent trip to Barry’s but ended up with extra as it was the end of the bolt.

A 1325 Hack

Having way more fabric than I needed, it got me thinking about doing a bit of a hack. I wondered if I could turn the top into a dress with a gathered waist. I altered the length on the top pattern by basically taking off some length where the waistline is marked. My thought process there being that I usually prefer shorter bodices in dresses. For the skirt part I just gathered a rectangle in the same way I would for a woven fabric. I don’t think that was my best idea though, it was more fiddly than with a woven fabric. A quick google informed me that shirring the waist with elastic would have been easier. Still, you live and learn!

As far as sewing it goes, it was really easy. I don’t have an overlocker (serger) so I used the stitch on my Juki that looks like a bolt of lightning. Easy peasy and it took no time at all. I do have an overlock stitch on there too, but as jersey doesn’t fray I didn’t think it was necessary.

Did hacking Simplicity 1325 work? Pretty much. The fit of the bodice part is good, and it’s really soft and comfortable. You know when people say that they’ve sewn something that’s like wearing secret pyjamas? I get what they’re talking about now. Totally the most comfortable thing I’ve made.

I’m not 100% happy on where the gathered waist hits me though. Thanks to endometriosis and a previous c-section I quite often look 4 months pregnant. It’s really not a look I’m striving for. Why didn’t I consider that weight of the skirt would pull the waistline down further than I’d like? An alteration may be in order, but I’m happy enough wearing it anyway.

Another Try…

I got so excited by this dress that I decided to make another one. This time a sleeveless one with a slightly shaped skirt gathered with shirring elastic. I realised after sewing it that I’d look a little like a Fruit Salad chew because of the colours! The fit of that was awful so it isn’t worth blogging. You might have caught it on Instagram though. The armscye is too low and the fit was too baggy. I suspect the fabric is partially to blame for the bagginess. It was very poor quality sadly.

I think as far as Simplicity 1325 goes, I will stop trying to mess with what is obviously a great pattern and I’ll sew it as intended.


Update: I’ve now sewn three tops, a turtleneck hack and a dress from this pattern!

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